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​Drawing to me is when my imagination creates a beautiful little fusion of the elements of our world and nature nestled together with a spice of me.

Inspired by the sea the mountains and the sun and every little creature alive I aim to spread positive awareness through my art.

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... like a free bean growing up in southern Sweden, in a small village by the sea. Each day starting with the robe in hand, walking down for a morning swim in the ocean. Maybe it was my great grandma's ceramic painting that let my creativity to sprout, either way it has found its way to appear ever since I was a little one. Early I found the love for drawing, painting and sketching on anything I could get my hands on and not much later I also found myself making pottery in a ceramic factory which I still love to do once in a while. 

About five years ago now I decided to shoot full force for this passion of mine and I am thankful to be doing what I love, truly excited about what the future has laid out for me around the corner. As for now you can find me hiking around in the clean air of Switzerland’s beautiful alps or swimming in the South sea of Sweden, which is what inspires me to create organic unique tattoos drawn with influences from the beautiful botanical garden of my mother. 

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