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Keeping the area clean is the most important thing you can do to avoid any bacterial infection. Its important to wash the area with water (using clean hands) once to twice per day for the first few days, then daily for about two to three weeks. Optional to use a small amount of perfume free PH natural soap every now and then whilst washing it.

Please avoid following for following three weeks:
   Swimming in pools, sea, lakes, hot tub or similar baths
   Direct sunlight
   Peel or pick on the tattoo at any point during healing process
   Scratching or itching (avoid touching it in general first few days)
   Any sort of heavy sports for first few days (boxing, running, crossfit etc)


Moisturize three times a day with Tattoo aftercare cream (ask your artist). Bacteria can easily be transferred from dirty surfaces, pets, etc and in case of this happening and your skin gets irritated (especially during the first few days) directly clean your tattoo with instructions from your artist.


Suncream can and is recommended to be used first after the first three weeks when the first part of healing is done. Choose one with 50 SPF and perfume free.


Recommended to wear loose fitting clothes as there can be strong perfume in some washing detergent which can irritate the skin.

Please know that how you look after your tattoo is directly affecting the look of your tattoo when fully healed.

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